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Money Worries…

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How many people here are like me and can’t sleep because they are worried about their bills? Don’t be shy or embarrassed…it happens to the most of us! So many of us are held in complete slavery to our debt…and DEBT becomes our MASTER…because we FEAR what will happen if we don’t pay it.

So here is what I do to get over this fear. I prioritize my bills and then put them out of sight, pay for my basic needs and only pull them out to look at them when I have the money to pay for them.

If I can’t pay some of the bills off within a 7-10 year period of time then I file chapter 7, 11 or 13…whatever helps me the most at that time in my life.  It always helps to start over with a clean slate.  This works for everything except student loans and back taxes.

I work EVERYDAY at not taking my debt or even money in general seriously. In this I step out from underneath that unforgiving taskmaster! The ONLY thing I take seriously is my life and what I am learning in it. People with loads of abundance do this all of the time! I’m going to use a controversial person that does this also, just to get my point across here, ok.

Donald Trump…love him or hate him…he has spent his life doing this because he has a rich person’s mentality. So what if you don’t like it…it’s how the law of attraction works…focus on debt, you get more of it…focus on fun and where the dough is coming in, you get more of that.

How long have you been depressed because your drowning in debt? DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT…OK!

I’m here to tell you that it works. In my second year of my first online business I was making 5k per month…in my 4th and 5th year I was making close to 10k per month.

Now I’m starting over in my second online business to do it all over again because I hit an income ceiling in my first business and I wanted to branch out and do something a bit different. If I can do it…coming from a start of doing migrational orchard work at 11 years of age…you can do it, too!

The truth is that, at the end of the day people will fight over whatever monetary value we leave behind, because we can’t take it with us.

On the other hand they will cherish all the good memories and lessons that we’ve gifted to them in our life here on earth.  When you find yourself starting to slip into worrying about debt it helps to keep this thought in your head and push to make good memories in life.  Be blessed today!

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2 thoughts on “Money Worries…”

  1. David Twomey says:

    Thanks Dawn, I currently am in six figure debt. Your posts are very helpful, I look forward to future ones.

    1. Dawn Wilkie says:

      Thank you David. It’s all in our mindset and what we focus on more…we get more of. I refuse to give the debt slave master focus because frankly, I’m sick to death of it, and I want to live a life free of it! So, I focus on my business…which is my ticket to freedom!

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