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Oh Crap…What The Hell Did I Just Do!

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So, I along with dealing with having to clean out my Son’s cabin, who just passed away four weeks ago, I have been dealing with something else in my business a lot here lately.  It brings me back to the first days when I first started the online marketing business with my current organization.

I had spent about nine years looking for a business online that had both real integrity, and a complete education system in which I didn’t have to dump ungodly amounts of money into.  By “ungodly” I mean, I knew that I was going to have to invest money into my business venture, but my upper most limit for investing was around, $10,000.

So…for the next four years I join three different MLM, and Network marketing companies.  Needless to say, being an introvert, and virtual loner, because my Psychic gifts made me ultra sensitive to others around me, my warm market of friends and family was virtually non-existent.

I only had one best friend that had stuck with me for over 20 years, my Mother, and my husband at the time.  My best friend already had her own adult family home business, and was only interested in riding motorcycles and hanging out with me, once in a blue moon.

Then there was my Mom and her circle of friends, that might have been an option.  Alas, my Mother being a strong, dominant, Leo had picked up the bad habit, that my deceased Step-Father had taught her, of keeping me in line with verbal and emotional abuse.  Because of this, I spent much of my time  teaching her that I would no longer tolerate this behavior, and we were in the beginning stages of healing our relationship.

So I safely assumed that she, and all of her friends and co-workers were also not an option.  That only left my husband at the time, and being a simple man, working a simple, minimum wage job, his only interests were drinking and gear-heading.

Basically, my only viable option for success with these types of companies was cold-calling, and I hated that WITH A PASSION!  Needless to say, all three of my well-meaning attempts at having my own online business, flopped big-time!

Saddened by my three failures, but determined not to give up having my own home-based business, I went to working from a web-site platform, as a Psychic/Medium.  Three months into this, after not getting much business, as the newbie on the block, and being terrified of being and “oddball”, being wrong in my predictions, and being judged by others, I ran from that online business, too.

From there I just went back to doing whatever jobs I could to support my family.  Two years later I wound up seperated from my alcoholic husband, homeless in Portland, Oregon, and I couldn’t even find work through Day Labor.  I was living in a friend’s mini-van, and all I had to work with was my cell-phone, and computer access from the library for one hour a day.

I had no other choice but to face my fears of being a Psychic/Medium, and go back to the web-site platform that I had worked on before.  So…I lowered my price for calls, and just focused on making one person’s day better at a time.

For four years my phone rang off the hook when I would turn it on for phone readings, and I was able to increase my price in low increments, four different times.  The site that I worked from paid for ALL the marketing, and all I had to do was provide a good picture, and a little auto-blurb about myself.

In the fourth year of being a Psychic/Medium, the platform that I was using was bought out by another company, and they started making major changes that was more geared to just making money, leaving my clients both angry and frustrated, and I was also getting wore out by doing anywhere from 20-40 readings a day.

This meant that I was getting more calls from new clients that were often times, just looking for someone to blame for their life frustrations, and that person just happened to be me, the random Psychic/Medium that they had just called.

I had so many loving repeat clients, but the random, new angry callers, started to wear me down to the point where I couldn’t recover fast enough in a night.  At that time an affiliate company had caught my eye, but having had previously bad online marketing experiences, I decided to just watch them for awhile.

I was really drawn to the idea that I didn’t have to market to my family, friends, and acquaintances, but I was still wary of what affiliate marketing was.

In the meantime, I braved unchartered waters, made a simple site of my own through GoDaddy, and left the current platform that I was working from.  My dream of having my own online business, without a large corporation controlling what I did, and what my clients did, still lived deep inside.

I remembered that night like it was yesterday.  I was making 10k a month working from that platform, and I stood to lose everything to live my dream.  I lay there all night and shook like a rag-doll, and it didn’t stop for two days.

About a week later I realized that even though my income had been cut in half, my life was much more peaceful with more time free time, my clients were much happier, and I was going to be just fine.

After a year of watching the same affiliate company for a year, I finally took the plunge, and made a whole-hearted commitment to joining this organization.  At the time I was thinking that this would be something easy to do on the side, while I still maintained my Psychic/Medium business, and I could make up the income that I had lost when I left my former platform.

By the time I had gotten through their whole boot-camp of learning, I was all fired up and ready to go, thinking that this was going to be easy-peasy, and that very little effort would be required.  This was not the case.  About two months later, after coming off my high of getting into a new online business venture, I finally realized that I had just bought into a legitimate online business franchise, with all the bells and whistles, and I thought to myself…WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST DO!!!

With that said…I hit a brick wall of online business over-whelm!  The platform that I had just left a year ago had done ALL of the marketing for me.

All the clients that I had in my Psychic/Medium business had hunted me down on the internet just to be able to remain my clients, so there was very little marketing that I had to do outside of social media, and I didn’t have the first clue of how all the veterans in my new affiliate organization were being so successful at marketing.

There were so many directions I could take my business, but there were also so many different choices on who to follow, and what to do next…that I was frozen with fear, not wanting to do the wrong thing, or follow the wrong person.  Not wanting to fail at this business venture, too,  I quickly reverted back to the training that I gotten in military boot-camp…PRIORITIZE, ORGANIZE, & ACT!

Low and behold, this old stand-by training, that I learned in my late teens and early twenties worked!  It had worked when it came to my parenting, and now it was working in my new online business.

So, I jumped in with both feet and began to run one form of paid traffic, and might I say, failed miserably on my first attempt.  Yes…ignoring my intensive business training, I bought around 5,000 clicks for $50…and got nothing in return.

Regardless, it was a valuable lesson that I never forgot, and from there on in I diligently researched my vendors before I purchased any more clicks.  From there I closely watched the leaders in my organization, and I chose the CEO of the company, and one successful couple to follow intensively.

There were, and still are, lots of other veterans in my organization that I also watch for good tips, but I learned to just keep my major focus narrowed down to the bare minimum, while I am building the basic foundations of my marketing business.

So far, doing one thing at a time, and mastering those things…I have been able to successfully run one form of paid traffic (and am learning another), do video presentations without cringing in fear, use an auto-responder effectively, and build business funnels that work.

Right now I can honestly say that the most important lesson that I have learned in my online business, is not not forget the third part of PRIORITIZE, ORGANIZE, & ACT.  Most of teaching myself to run my own online marketing business, has been learned by IMPERFECT ACTION…and boy have I ever made every mistake in the book!

Yep…even my first business funnels reall sucked, but because I spent money on testing them, you best believe that my learning curve was FAST!  You see, most people are well versed in prioritizing and organizing, but most of us don’t want to face our fears and ACT…which is precisely what we must do in order to be successful at whatever online business we do!

So in conclusion here, I just want to emphasize how important it is to just make a business decision and then TAKE ACTION in your business.  Like the famous NIKE commercial says…JUST DO IT!  If I can do it, you can, too.  I will lay odds on the fact that the CEO of my company, who is also my sponsor, has seen me make some really, seemingly stupid mistakes, but at the end of the day my stubbornness to not give up, is what carries me through.

So far, I’m making headway and progress, and for that I am both grateful and proud of how far I’ve come, from a place of knowing ZERO about online marketing.  So, chin up to you, my fellow entrepreneur, you can really do an online business if you put your mind to it.  You see, I can even spell entrepreneur now without getting the correct spelling in the good search box…brb…got to check google one more time just so that this doesn’t look stupid…Lol…  🙂

PS…I have personally found that it really helped to face my fear of looking stupid, or like an absolute idiot, when persuing my dream of loving what I do, and having my own online business.

Not wanting to fail in yet another online business, I worked on releasing that fear as fast as humanly possible.

Once I had released that fear, and was able to put blinders on to all the nay-sayers, and condescending people around me, both of my online businesses increased as an immediate response!  Being the true rebel at heart that I am,

it feels good now to just live and work in my own skin, at my own pace, and on my terms.  I will say one more time…if I can do it…so can you!  😉


Until next time…

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