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Woke up this morning and my Guide was lovingly giving me an ass-chewing about how I have gotten in the habit of putting myself on the “For Sale…Clearance Price Cheap” shelf. And I wonder why I’m in the financial hole that I’m in. At first I wanted to say that it was soley because I spent all of my money for the past 6 years on a Son that struggled and lost his battle with the disease of addiction. Even though that is partially true, it is not the whole truth.

Watching my mentor, and the CEO of my company, at the “No Excuses Summit” event, I had the epiphany that this was an excuse that I have been giving for my “poor persons” mentality for years. The honest truth is that part of my financial struggle comes from really low self-esteem, and soul pain that gets in the way of me being abundant. Maybe it took the death of my Son to finally clear all that pain out of the dark corners of my soul, and finally let it go.

I was taught when I went into the sales profession to never use the work “CHEAP”, but always rather, “Less Expensive”. Regardless, whether it be cheap (I really dislike that word), or less expensive, in truth it’s all a load of bullshit that I feed myself when I don’t want to sit down and just have a good cry because I feel crappy about myself and my life…because I don’t want to be or feel weak and vulnerable. Well, I’m sick and tired of being tough and full of bullshit pain, so I guess this means I’ll be weak and vulnerable for awhile, while I do some soul work.

Folks, this is me raw, just being me.  This is me leading by example and not expecting you to do something I won’t do for myself.  You are so loved, so unique to who you are, and so valuable, that no amount of money could be assigned to who you are as a value.  Believe it, know it, and get to a point where you can FEEL IT!  If I can do it…so can you.

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