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So, I don’t know about ya’ll, but my two online businesses are my babies.  I nurture them like a Momma Bear on steroids.  It helps that I have an inquisitive mind, because I’m not afraid to roll my sleeves up and immerse myself in the learning of new things, and expanding my knowledge in the technological field of computers.

I also love to do things for myself, even if I do learn mostly from making a ton of my own mistakes.  I am currently learning to not be afraid, or ashamed of learning this way.  I just keep reminding myself that these are foundational mistakes in business, and that in this, I will never forget what I have learned from them.

Regardless, I just want to encourage every one of you who are bravely forging ahead in your own online businesses, by telling you what happened the other day.  Now that I no longer struggle with constant ongoing major crisis, brought on by family members, I am now able to spend much more time on my both of my online businesses.

With that said, it is my number one priority right now, and I have been immersing myself in getting my new marketing business off the ground.  So far I’ve been able to teach myself how to use my auto-responder proficiently, get this website up and running, build business funnels, and this week I taught myself how to add tracking pixels to my funnels.

This helps me to know what actions are getting results in my marketing, and what actions are not getting good results.  In turn, this helps me to spend more money on what really works in my marketing efforts, and less money on what doesn’t work, when it comes to my business funnels.

Along with all this learning, I have also been putting into practice running 100 clicks per day, to my funnels.  I learned to do this from both the CEO of my organization, and also the founder of the website that I use to build my business funnels.  I have found this practice very effective as a way of getting sales, and increasing the number of people who I have on my email list. 

Having found a solo-ad vendor that gets amazing results for me, I usually pay to run 700 to 800 clicks per week with him.  Some weeks I have bills, or my other online business is slow, so paying for the clicks can really stretch me thin at times, but I keep it rolling regardless, and paying for clicks still remains my #1 priority. 

Today I had $481 saved up in my account, and I paid out $420 for clicks, with a promise to my solo-ad vendor that I would pay for 100 more clicks on a test run for a new funnel, on Saturday.  After paying for my weekly clicks, I then had $61 in my account, and I still needed to go pick up my laptop from the repair shop the next day, so that I could resume doing my social media videos, and I knew that it would cost me around $85 to pick it up. 

Not worried at all, I figured that I would just do my best to make money in my other online business that day, so that I could not only pick up my laptop, but also whatever groceries that I needed to get me through the weekend.

The key words I just spoke were…I WAS NOT WORRIED…about how I was going to pay to get through the weekend. Low and behold, out of the blue, after paying for my clicks, a client from my other online business gifted me $600. BOOM! Mic drop….the universal laws of attraction and faith still work folks! I’m living proof of it. 

Be passionate about your business, stay in the knowing that things will all come together the way they are supposed to, stay out of going into a place of fear, feel good about what you are doing for yourself, and others, and the rest will take care of itself! 


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