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So I am forever learning when it comes to my online business, and the past two weeks have been no exception.  An odd thing about me is that I have copious amounts of courage and drive in me when it comes to jumping into action in my business.  This “damn the torpedos…let’s move ahead,” attitude has really gotten me to heights in my online business that I have never achieved before, but there is a dark side.

An example of this is that I had a mentor approach me, and want to teach me how to do direct selling via facebook lives.  Once the facebook live was completed, this mentor taught me turn the lives into facebook ads.

After numerous attempts at doing the facebook lives I FINALLY felt that I had made one worthy of a facebook ad.  My coach however, was a very hard mentor to please, and I could never seem to get it right with him.  Not wanting to waste a ton of time I started running the ad, while awaiting his feedback, yet again.

In my ignorance, I had never thought to ask my mentor what the facebooks rules and policies were on placing ads.  I had just assumed that he would tell me what to do to stay within their guidelines, which was not what happened.

Anywhooo…needless to say the next day it came as quite a shock and horror when both my facebook ad account, and business page where shut down…never to be re-opened again!  Yes…when facebook shuts you down, they also assume that you know their rules and policies, which was not so in my case, so there is no explanation given.

Talk about CRASH & BURN!  Yep, the one way that I learn on a more regular basis, is also a very painful way, and that is by mistakes.

Ahhh…now we get to the darkside of blind courage, which is the pain and embarrassment of making mistakes.  I learned last week that courage in business is wonderful!  However, courage without wisdom, gained by research, can be fatal when it comes to an online business.

I also learned to never follow someone blindly, and more improtantly to never assume.  You see I made the mistake of not doing my own research to make sure of what facebooks policies and guidelines were, so I could not blame my mentor for this.  It is MY business, and MY responsibility to check and re-check every decision I make, before proceeding ahead with any advertising.

Having said this, being quite shook up after that slammed door in the face when it came to placing facebook ads, I never wanted to place another facebook ad again.  I was happy that my business page was gone…but my mentor wasn’t finished yet.

He encouraged me to make another business page, and get back in the saddle to try again.  As much as I had no desire to do so, I found out what facebooks policies and guidelines where, made another business page, and took another stab at it.

This time I was successful, and I am so very grateful for what I learned.  Even though I am choosing to only use facebooks ads as a back-up source of advertising, I am so glad that I never gave up on learning that skillset.

Oh and yes there was one more thing that I learned in all of this.  My favorite source of paid advertising is using solo-ads.

I love to play with business funnels, I love to be creative, and I love the really awesome solo-ad vendors that I have been blessed to find.  For the first time in my life I feel like I am working with a team of people, whose sole interest lies in helping each other build each of our own businesses, and we are more family, rather than just business contacts.

Having said this I learned that it is ok for me to just stick with once source of advertising that I am both comfortable with, and really good at.  It felt so good to come back to doing solo-ads, to being creative with my funnels, and to ad my new learned skillset of adding live video to them…and it felt really good to come back to my vendors…my family.

In conclusion, I have learned many things over the course of two weeks, but two stand out the most.  It takes a lot of courage and action to have your own successful online business, and that is good.  However, it is imperative that courage is coupled with research before any action is taken.

The second thing that I learned is that keeping it simple, and just using one form of advertising that is effective in business, is the way to keep costs down, keep it fun, and keep the $$$’s rolling in!


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