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“We Need To Talk….”

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we need to talk

Yes…one of themost feared phrases that a person could ever hear coming from a woman is…”we need to talk.”

It makes you want to avoid that woman like the plague, because you don’t want to be hammered over the head with every mistake you’ve ever made in your life…including the one she probably wants to talk about.

Well today the “talk” is going to be different.

So…your doing everything in your internet and digital marketing that you were trained to do to be successful in your online business.

You are running traffic to your sites and/or links, you are emailing your list of leads on a regular basis, you are building custom business funnels, you are writing faithfully on your blog site, you are putting new YouTube video’s up on your channel, and you are doing facebook lives…but you still aren’t getting the results that you want to get in your online business.

I bet you that the question banging around in your head right now is…why am I not getting tons of business right now?

My question back to you is why not?  What is your focus?  Is it to make money, or is it to help teach others what you know about online marketing, or is it both?

The question you should be asking yourself is what makes your weird, beautiful, little heart genuinely happy?

If the answer to that question lies in helping others have a better day…a better life…then shift your focus to just doing that when you set about doing all the things you do in your online marketing.  Some people are a bit different, and they really enjoy pissing people off, just to get them to wake up and smell the reality brewing in their lives.  Some people are more introverted and quiet, and they just really like to bring in abundance for themselves, and their loved ones.

At the end of the day though, in order to create the success you want in your business, this requires that you focus on what you are passionate about, and then turn around and put THAT energy in whatever you are doing in your online marketing.

Focus on what you truly enjoy…what you are passionate about…and then take that energy and put it into your online marketing.  You will find that it will make all the difference in the world when it comes to the success in your online business.

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2 thoughts on ““We Need To Talk….””

  1. Wallace says:

    Thanks for the insite. I would like to one day start my own online business, and i could use all the information i could get.

    1. Dawn Wilkie says:

      Wallace, feel free to shoot me an email. My email address is: dawn@mountainbizmotivation.blog. I would be happy to set up a private phone consultation with you. It’s not as difficult as you think…but you do need to be guided by someone that knows what they are doing, so that you don’t hit that overwhelm wall. I look forward to speaking with you!

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