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Laying 5 Basic Online Business Foundations For A Successful Online Business

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So…you have an online business…what do you do next?

So many online business guru’s will tell you to immediately start running traffic to your website, business links, or business funnels…but wait…I have a few important questions for you to answer first.

Would you invite a ton of guests to your house for a party, without preparing to greet them warmly?  Would you do the same in business?

Can people google you and find your business and/or you on the internet.  Why or why not?

Have you planned and prepared for how are you going to interact with a lot of interested clients and customers, who haven’t bought from you yet?

You see…in order to have a successful online business you MUST prepare yourself for an influx of potential customers and clients!  Are you prepared?

Here are some basic online business foundations that you need to have in place, if you truly do want to prepare for and have a successful online business.

Basic Online Business Foundations would be…

1.) Have an auto-responder set up with a series of emails in place that are designed to get your lead’s attention and keep it. Once your subscribers have finished that series, make sure to keep emailing them twice a day. Oh…and don’t forget to clean your subscriber list.

2). Even if it is a simple site like mine…have a blog site set up so that your subscribers can see more of who you really are…and include that in the signature of every email that you send out. Mine is utlra simple and you can see it at dawnwilkie.com. My subscribers on my list go to it all the time. It’s not there to make me famous…it’s there to validate who I am in the online business community…and give people a good feel of me as a person.

3). Have a YouTube channel set up with business video’s that you can link to your emails…again…so that your subscribers can see who you are live and in person. Once again it’s about connecting with people on a personal level…not being famous.

4). Make 1-3 personalized business funnels that set you apart from the crowd when marketing your business.

5). Once these business foundations are in place, THEN run traffic to your business on a methodically consistent basis.

Like my mentor, always says…put YOU in between potential clients and customers, and what you are marketing, so that they get to know, like, and trust you first as a person, and second as an online business owner.

I speak from experience here because I made the mistake at first at running tons of traffic without my business foundations in place…and my leads sat in my back office and got cold. Talk about burning up unnecessary dollars.

If what I say makes sense…take it…run with it…and make it yours. If not…then do what fits your style best. This is just what has been working for me in both my online business.

Another trick that I learned from an online business mentor is to google your name and something like “online business”…and see if google picks you up. Just for chits and giggles…you can google…”dawn wilkie online business” or “dawn wilkie marketer” and see what comes up…you’ll find that my blog site and my YouTube video’s are whats on the first page of google.

Trust me when I say, one of the first things that potential clients and customers do…is google who they are doing business with. People even do it on a personal basis…so you may think that blog sites…and YouTube video’s are a waste of time…think again because it’s how people find and validate who you are in business!  🙂

Here is a video that I have made for you about online business foundations.

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