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Holiday Traffic…

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Holiday Traffic

Welcome to the notorious holiday season.  A time to eat lots of good food, make good memories…and get stuck in holiday traffic.  Whoops…did I say that right?  Yep…I sure did.  Most of the time traffic is bad…except when it comes to your online business.
When it comes to an online business, TRAFFIC is the LIFEBLOOD of your business!
So, I went to this amazing IM Mastery Event that my mentor, put on for his entire organization, and one of the speakers gave away a huge industry secret.  It had everything to do with “traffic” that you run to your online business.
He was talking about putting your online business in “high traffic” places on the internet, where people can not only see your business, but also be drawn in by attractive front-end, low dollar offers.
Now…I’m going to give you another golden nugget that my mentor, shared with us.  Once customers are drawn in by attractive front-end, low dollar offers, the way that you have a higher return on your investment, is to always have higher quality, higher priced items to offer your online customer, once they come into your online business.
So having said this…do you run traffic to your business daily, and put it in high traffic places on the internet?  Do you have attractive front-end, low dollar offers to draw your customers into your online business?  Finally, do you offer those higher ticket items in your online business?
If you are not doing this then you probably are not having much success with your online business, and you are probably really frustrated right now.  Trust me when I say…I know what this feels like.
Because at the end of the day, it’s all about knowing how to market your business effectively online, and it’s all about running massive holiday traffic.  Yes…the good kind of traffic for your online business!  That my friend is the bare-bones truth!
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