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Money Is Not Santa Claus…It Doesn’t Care If You’re Naughty Or Nice!

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     One of the most confronting concepts I have ever read, came in reading a book that my mentor, highly recommended.  The books name is “No B.S. Wealth Attraction For Entrepreneurs,” by Dan Kennedy.
     One of the first things Dan Kennedy states, is that muney does not have a moral compass, it doesn’t care how moral or immoral you are.  Muney simply flows to the person that is in alignment with it’s energy pattern.
     The Universe is not Santa Clause, it doesn’t care if you’ve been good or bad, because in runs on the laws of energy.  If you match the frequency of certain energy patterns…then that is what you will attract.  So does that mean that muney is bad?
The answer is NO!
     Muney is energy, the same as air or water.  One person may use water in a way where they are bringing it to those that are thirsty.  Another person may use water to drown, and kill someone in it.  This is the same with air, or any other element of energy.
     You see…it is what we DO with muney that makes us or breaks us.  Do we let the lack of it put us in a state of fear, or do we use the lack of muney to propel us to do something more with our lives to attract more of it.
     This have EVERYTHING to do with whether we have success in our online businesses…or not.
     I don’t know about you, but I am in tune with the fact that the Universe is abundant, and that muney is what is going to fund my dreams, my passions, my soul purpose, and ultimately make me successful in my online business.  Therefore, I am creating that flow of muney straight to me, without any blocks to it.
     I encourage you to really check and see if you are in alignment with the energy, and flow, of muney to you.
     I mean seriously, it’ doesn’t matter if you think you have been good or bad, all you have to do is dig a trench from the mighty river of abundance…to you!  So let’s do this…ok.  🙂
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