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     Remember “Thing” from “The Adam’s Family”?  You know, the pet hand.  Well I was thinking about hands today, and how important they are to our lives and businesses.
     When you put your hand to something, it means your really serious about it. But what about those fingers?
     Yep, those ten support systems, to when we put our hand to something, called being an entrepreneur in all seriousness!
     You see…without fingers you would just have a club to bat things around, and never get detailed in what you where really doing as an entrepreneur.
     It is really wise when you are wanting to be a successful entrepreneur, to get very detailed about what you want to do when it comes to having an online business.
     To help you out I have outlined ten things…”fingers of detailed support”…that will help you get clear on what you are wanting to do in an online business.
1. Get precise on what exactly you want your online business to be.  What do you want to promote?  Is it a product, service, or both?
2.  Get a Mentor!  Who do you want to be your mentor? Are you ready to act on what they tell you to do?
3.  Do Mindset work.  Being and entrepreneur is a whole life change…and that includes a change in how you think.  Do you have a plan to do mindset work?  What is it?  Are you willing to be committed to doing it?
4.   Run traffic…aka…advertise your business online.  What type of online traffic do you want to run?  Which would you like to master first?
5.  Set a budget for advertising your business…no matter how big or small and do it every week!
6.  Use and auto-responder and learn to communicate with your potential clients and customers.  Which auto-responder fits your needs best?
7.  Get your own website.  Like it our not, like Bill Gates said, “if you have a business, and your business is not online…your business will be out of business!”  What website host do you want to host your website?
8.  Learn to use business funnels.  What medium do you want to use to build your business funnels?  Do you want to outsource this?
9.  Go to events that support your online business.  Do you understand how important it is to go to events that support your business and network?  Do you plan to go?  When?  Are you committed to going?
10.  Plan on never giving up!  Be like water…whenever one way is blocked in advancing in your online business…find another way to flow, and just keep going.
     Those are ten fingers of detailed support that will make your online business successful.  Just think, without fingers, “Thing” would not have been able to get around very well.  Without these ten fingers of support, you will learn, like I did from experience, what it is to flounder, waste money, and go broke trying.
     To be honest, the only real scam on the internet, is when we don’t really want to put work into our own online businesses.  When we fail at looking for the “easy button” to making money online…after throwing tons of money at it and zero time and effort…we give up and yell scam to anyone that will listen…and boy howdy there are a ton of people that will listen and echo your cry.
     These are words of experience coming from a seasoned vet working out of her home since 2012.  Really…in all honesty…if you want this freedom lifestyle, your going to have to DO something for it..  That’s is the honest…no B.S. answer…that almost every guru out there dances around.
     Take your time…think about it…feel it…and then if being and entrepreneur online is really something you can dig into…go for it like your life and happiness depends on it…because it does.  You can do this…your soul is rooting for you!


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