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Happy New Year! Strategy or Tactic?

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     Welcome to the eve of the New Year of 2019.
We can either yell…”innncccooommiiinnnggg”…and go hide…or we can party our asses off until daylight.  To each his own.
     Me, well I get to sit here on top of my mountain and watch the fireworks go off in a 75 mile radius around me.
     Having said that…do you have a solid online business strategy for the new, upcoming year?
     What business tactics have you included in that business strategy?
Do you know the difference between a business strategy and a business tactic?
     So…just to help you in your planning I will give you examples of what a business strategy is and what a business tactic is.
     A business tactic is when you use a single activity to increase profitability in your online business, like running solo ad traffic or running facebooks ads or maybe running YouTube ads.  Those are business tactics.
     A business strategy is when you have multiple activities that you are using to increase your online business profitability.
     A strategy I use is to run solo ads, market via email, write blogs on my website, do daily FB lives and put them on my YouTube channel, running YouTube ads and Bing ads on the side.  You see, my strategy uses seven different tactics to make my online businesses profitable.
     That my dear friend is how my mentor, Misha Wilson, taught me how to be a successful online business owner in my marketing business.
     In all starts with knowing internet and digital marketing and to be honest it is not that hard to learn if my mentor Misha is teaching you.
     This is because he has literally done all of the hard work for you and all you have to do is learn and run traffic.
     You see, once you have the business strategy down then it gets easier to learn one business tactic at a time.  Why not earn why you learn?  Really…I mean make money while you are learning internet and digital marketing.
     This is how you build your dream of having a successful online business…one moment…one  business tactic...one business strategy...and one day at a time.
     Cheers to crushing our doubts and fears in 2019…and, through strategy and tactics…building our dream of having a successful online business!
     Until next time…
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