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What Is The Difference Between The BBB & FTC?

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     What is the difference between the BBB and the FTC… and WHY do YOU need to know this?  Read this blog and you will be able to answer this question for yourself!
      I had a good chuckle while going through my emails today.  Someone was a bit incensed about the fact that I gave the subscribers to my email list information on online business opportunities, outside of my organization.  He ended the email angrily and grandly stating that the Better Business Bureau didn’t have a lot of good reviews on one particular offer that was not coming from my own organization.
     In light of this… let me give you the low-down on WHY I show people other online businesses opportunities and WHY you should always do your own research before buying into any of them… including my own organization.
     First of all let me explain to you the difference between the BBB and the FTC.
     The BBB is “technically” a private nonprofit organization…BUT…they have a very aggressive sales team.  You see, the dirty little secret that no one tells you is that ANY business can BUY a good rating from the BBB.  You can learn more about why I say this by clicking here.
     The FTC or Federal Trade Commission is  an actual government agency that polices businesses in the U.S.  According to their own site they state…”the FTC is a bipartisan federal agency with a unique dual mission to protect consumers and promote competition. For one hundred years our collegial and consensus-driven agency has championed the interests of American consumers. As we begin our second century the FTC is dedicated to advancing consumer interests while encouraging innovation and competition in our dynamic economy.”
     Well alrighty then…so do you see the difference now?  The BBB is basically an organization that puts out reports on different businesses…and yes…many businesses actually buy the good ratings that you see, directly from the BBB.
     The FTC on the other hand, is an official governmental policing organization for U.S. businesses.  If ANY company that sells online business opportunities do not comply with FTC regulations, at some point the FTC WILL come in and shut them down.
     I have personally seen this happen to at least three huge, very well known, organizations last year, and many of the people that lost money in all the mess, because they had bought business opportunities with these organizations, actually came to my organization to start another online business, simply because my organization IS FTC COMPLIANT in every way!
     So now you ask again…why would I show you other online business opportunities outside of my organization?
     The answer is simple.
I make sure to not make an arrogant ass out of myself, and ASSUME that the business opportunity with the organization that I am with is the right fit for you.  I also trust that as an adult, you will do your own research on any organization that you are considering buying an online business opportunity from.
     I say this even though I do know that we ARE FTC compliantAND we offer an absolute money back guarantee.  On top of all of that, everything IS done for you, just to make it easy for you to actually make the money that you are wanting online.
     Awe hec…I know this because I researched my organization for six months before I bought my online business opportunity from them.  So even though I show my email subscribers a variety of online business opportunities, I will always tell you that I cannot guarantee them because I haven’t checked them out personally myself.
     Having said all this, you are so unique in who you are, and in order to really make the moolah you are wanting online in your business, you truly do have to LOVE the product or service that you are promoting…and selling an education, and the complete skill set of online marketing, may not be something that you personally vibe with.
     That is my nugget of knowledge to share with you today.  If an online business opportunity catches your eye…be sure to make sure that the company or organization that you are buying the opportunity from is truly compliant with FTC regulations.
     Really…it’s all about variety…because variety is truly the spice of life!
     Here’s to building an online business, that will stand the test of time!
Until next time…
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