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     Working out of my home, in two online businesses, I spend so much of my time alone with just my two dogs for company.  I have to remind myself to create connectivity with other people, and sometimes plowing myself out from under feet(s) of snow doesn’t make it very appealing, but I still make the effort to create connectivity.
     One frequent thought that I have is…”if you only knew.”
     So many of us entrepreneurs feel isolated in our own worlds, and that can’t be further from the truth.  It is just a reality we create because we are afraid of being hurt at a soul level.
     I get it…if I only knew your struggle…if I only knew your pain…if I only knew what and how many mistakes you have made in your life…right?
     Guess what…”if YOU only knew how many people won’t judge you”…”if YOU only knew how many people would extend compassion, and uncondtional love to you…starting with me“…it just might be worth coming out of isolation for.
     I’m just sayin…
     So many of us want our own successful online businesses because we lose faith in humanity, and we start to believe that this earth we live in will not be anything except a cruel world, but that is not the truth my friend.
     The reality of our situations is that this type of world is what we create for ourselves, because of pain that we still hold onto in our souls.
     You can change this by smiling and saying “hi” to the cashier at the store, or the clerk at the post office, or maybe just giving a friendly wave to oncoming traffic.  You see where I live it is common to wave at oncoming traffic, because most of those people are neighbors in our community.
     If you live in a place where this is a danger and not an option, then I have good news for you.  You are NOT a tree…MOVE!  Move to a place where strangers smile and say “hi” to each other.  To a place where if you don’t lock your door at night, it’s no big deal.
     Life is too short to live in constant fear, so if you are going to have a successful online business, working out of your home, you might want to move to a place where the pace of life is slower, and you feel more safe.  Just a thought for Sunday…yes…that day when “the locals” take slow Sunday drives around in old pick-up trucks, SUV’s, minivans, or 4 wheel drives, and people still care about other people.
     A place where if people “only really knew” you…they would still accept and love yo
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