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When The Walls Come Tumbling Down!

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Destroyed brickwall


     I was just thinking about something that someone said, and it keeps rolling over and over in my head.  This is the statement that was made, “before attempting to teach a person how to create massive abundance in their lives…one must first ask them if they are willing to give up the things that make them poor.”
     I work with countless people to help them get their online businesses off the ground and profitable.  However, some of the biggest walls I run into, are walls that my clients have built themselves to unknowingly keep the massive moolah away from them.
     One of the most common walls that people build is the obsession and worry over bills.  Seriously, I can say this because I had to do the work on myself to stop myself from doing this.  The truth..point blank is that…f you spend all your time worrying about the bills…then there will be no time to put thought into creating the abundance to pay them.
     Another wall we build to keep abundance from flowing to us is the one that says that we don’t have the muney to put into our online businesses.  Well…this is also a wall that I have built myself and had to tear down.
     If I don’t have the dinero to run traffic and pay for things I need in my online business, then I get creative and find a way.  Trust me when I tell you that when I put my mind to getting something I really want…I get it everytime!
     Yet another wall we build to keep that green stuff away from us is that we tell ourselves that it is “evil’ and that it will corrupt us.  I’ll be really honest here…it’s not money that corrupts our souls…it’s the FEAR of not having money that causes greed to grow in and corrupt our souls.  Moolah is just simple energy…like air or water.
     So let’s get down to the last wall that we tend to build….and yes…I had to tear this wall down, too.  I’m a bad person in some way, and I am not worthy to be successful and have my dreams.
     So really…we didn’t come to earth to get things right and be perfect.  Honestly, we came to earth to get everything wrong, so that we would learn to appreciate our natural ability to get things right, and to learn to be compassionate towards others who also make mistakes.
I guess I’m just writing this blog because in trying to help people actually make money in their online businesses, I have been running into all these walls that they have built.  This pretty much brings making the moolah to a standstill until my clients have had enough time to tear down these walls.
     Does it bother me when this happens?  No…because I have had to tear down the same walls.
     Can you expedite the process by tearing down those walls BEFORE asking someone to help you in your online business…HELL YES!!!
     Regardless, I will still do whatever I can to reach out to each of you and help you create your dreams of having a successful online business, that brings in the abundance that you desire so much.
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