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     I can honestly say I’m tired. But to be honest with you I’m not physically tired…I’m exhausted at a soul level.
     So last week I worked on developing a webinar, I worked on developing new business funnels, and I finally just published my first auto-biography…all 702 pages worth.
     But that’s not what really gets to me…what gets to me the most is when people come to me and I reach out to help them, they don’t really want the help…they would rather have a hand-out.
I do my best to make a difference in people’s lives, to teach them how to bring their onlines businesses into profit mode…but they don’t want to learn…they don’t want to do…they just want that hand-out.
Well hells bells, what’s happens when I die?
     If one doesn’t learn how to create for themselves, how will they survive when the person giving them the hand-out is no longer there?
     And what about ones self esteem?  How is a person supposed to feel good about what they can do, if they never learn to do things…to create things for themselves?
     I was on a company training call tonight, and my mentor and trainer, saw what I was working on…picked it apart…and cautioned me to slow down.  Was that harsh?  No…I don’t think so…it was what I needed to hear.
     After the call I was able to turn around and make a really solidly producing business funnel to attract people to my online business, because boy howdy…I’m gonna learn how to “fish” before it’s all said and done.
I’m gonna learn how to get to the level of success that I have so far, only dreamed about in my online business.
     So what about you…are you going to learn how to “fish” and create the success that you want in your own online business?  Or…are you going to stay in a miserable existence…living from hand-out to hand-out.
     Are you going to listen to a mentor and coach that knows what they’re talking about?  Or…are you going to be offended and never grow to the potential that lies inside of you?
Just something to think about today.
     “And I…I took the road less traveled by”…Robert Frost
Those are words I live by everyday.
Until next time…
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