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Pizza and Lighting Fires!

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     Holy hells bells yesterday was a rough one.  From the time I woke up to the time I crawled in bed, I was lighting other peoples fires so that the light of ambition, motivation, and hope wouldn’t die in them.  Got so hungry that at around 4pm…after only having one power-shake in the morning, I was finally able to eat a personal pizza.
     Now…if I only had a Bud Light lime beer to wash it down…so I tend to be a bit of a sourpuss.  🙂
     After that I fielded more calls…lighting people up as best I could.  Before I knew it, the night was late and it was time to crawl in bed again.
     Daaayum…was I ever exhausted.
Was it worth it?  Hell Yesss!
     I know what it’s like when the lights go out, and the world crushes you.  I know what it’s like to have a dream, and have people you love and trust pick it apart, and crush the desire for it right outta your heart.
     THAT…my friend is why I am an online business owner, working out of my home.  Honestly, it’s an act of sheer rebellion…a way of sticking both my middle fingers up at the darkness and telling it to get lost.
     It takes a burning fire of desire in your belly, to drive a person to success in an online business venture.  It takes experiencing more failures than success…
…and it takes just those few breakthrough’s in successes to make it all worth it.
     Having said this, on this glorious day are YOU going to let the darkness win?  Are you going to let that dream of creating freedom by having a successful online business die?
     Or are you going to jump off that cliff of being an entrepreneur, and have faith that you can build your plane on the way down?
     It’s the only way to get where you want to be in life. I mean seriously…that’s why your still here reading this blog.
Until next time…
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