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I Was Never Meant To Be A Hero!

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      I never thought I was meant to be a hero…until I had children.  I never thought I would have the strength to face life, until I had tiny human beings looking up to me to protect them and help them learn how to handle life on their own.
     It helps me understand now that being a hero is not something spectacular, it’s just me being me.  I was talking to a client on the phone the other day, and she was talking to me about being worried about being successful, because she didn’t think she could lead or teach anyone about building their own business.
     It didn’t take me long to remind her that if she could do it with children, and no instruction manual, then why not with people that needed her help building on online business.
     You see…the truth was simple…she needed to be her own hero first, and she also needed to be able to see herself in that capacity in real time.
My mentor is a leader that leads by example.  He does this by doing things for himself, and then teaching it to others, and that gets my respect.
So…I know you don’t think you were meant to be a hero…but you were not only meant to be that…you ARE that!
     With that said, let’s kick it into high gear and jump into creating your dream of having a succeful online business.
     The hero’s journey has to begin with the first step…so why not take it now.
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