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But Why?

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     Yes, we all have that 4 year old inside of us that perpetually asks the question…”but why?”
     While asking questions is always a good thing…asking why is not always a good thing…why?
     Because too much information tends to bog us down and make it so that we spend too much time thinking, and not enough time taking action in our online businesses.
     For example, if a soldier were to always be asking his commander “why” all the time, he would put himself and other soldiers lives at great risk.
     It is the same way in having an online business...when we hire a business mentor that we trust…and then proceed to ask “why” all of the time.  We end up wasting precious time and money of both our mentor’s and our own…just because we spend way to much time thinking, and not enough time trusting our business mentor and just taking action.
     I mean really…we hired a business mentor to get us into profit mode ASAP…right?
     Then why do we waste their time asking why, when we should just be trusting and taking action?
     That is just one way that we procrastinate and stay in fear, and we all know that this only leads to us make zero dollars in our online businesses.
     So moral of the story is…listen to your mentor…take more action…and think less.
     That is the secret to making massive moolah in your online business.
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