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     WHAT A RUSH!!! I’m just back in from the Freedom Accelerator Event.  While there I learned how the word “but” stops us from communicating effectively in our online businesses.
     You see…when you say something initially, followed by the word “but” and then finish the thought, you cancel out everything you said at first.
     For example when you say…”she is really pretty…BUT…she should really lose some weight,”  basically the only thing the other person heard is that the person should really lose some weight.
     Do you see how that works?
How many times have we done this in our online businesses?
     We start out saying, “I’m going to make 10k in my online business…BUT…I’m so broke right now.”  Basically, all you and the other person are hearing is…”I’m so broke right now.”  And that my friend is how we stay stuck and broke, and never make any really dollars in our online businesses.
If we want to change this bad habit we much change the word…BUT to “and”, and add a better ending like…
“I am going to make 10k in my online business, AND I am going to keep pushing through all my doubt to make it happen.
Do you see how much better that sounds?
Most of WHY we don’t make that serious green stuff in our online businesses stems from how we think and speak.  So let’s start the good habit of eliminating the word “BUT” from our vocabulary, and start replacing it with the word…”AND.”
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