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NO! YES! Wtf?

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Yes I “no” I should not be swearing, but hey…it got your attention…right?  Lol… 🙂
     So here’s the real deal, we have been conditioned from a young age, that the answer of “no” should be fronted and used in the face everything we face in life.  We are taught to be afraid of getting things wrong and making mistakes…and it gives us one hell of a complex when we arrive at adulthood!
     In response to our childhood training we develop “reputations”….better known as false facades…a personality that we think society will like better than the real person we are, and we say “no” to everything at first.
     Here’s where we get stuck.  People in general hate to deal with “fake” people in business, and we have a tendency to say “no” to a lot of things in our online businesses…that we should be saying YES to.
     Instead of saying YES to investing money in our business and mentoring, we say “no.”  In turn…instead of saying “no” to fear of failure, and not having enough, we say YES and end up getting absolutely NOWHERE in our online businesses. 
     Instead of saying YES to the people that are sent to help us…we say “no” and then gravitate towards and say YES to all the needy people around us, that only complain about life and need things from us.
     How self defeating is that in the pursuit of our online business dreams?
…and we wonder why we fail at so many online business ventures!
     In light of this, let’s begin to say yes to putting all we have into our dreams of having a successful online business, and make it a point to push past our fear of failure.  On the flip-side, let’s learn to say “no” to laziness, procrastination, and fear of failure and lack, and be willing to push ourselves way outside of our comfort zones.
     You see…I’m only telling you what I have already experienced in my life.  If I can walk through the depths of hell and abuse, and make it to the other side where I have the freedom to work out of my home…you can too!
     Because…I believe in you with all my soul.  🙂

     …and let’s get ready to give our dreams all we got, ok.  Oh…and just be the real people we are at our soul’s core, because THAT my friend, is how you make the REAL moolah online!


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