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Hook Hang-ups

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Hooks are really useful when it comes to fishing, and using as a tool in your online business to get a potential customers attention.  Knowing how to use hooks in your online business correctly can increase your sales exponentially, especially when society has such a short attention span.

However, emotional hooks…when used in business…can be one of the reasons your online business takes a nosedive.  The weird thing about this is that most of the time we aren’t even aware of the fact that we are using emotional hooks.

With this in mind I have created a series of blogs and videos on emotional hooks that we unknowingly use, how to identify them, and how to stop using them!

With this information you will be able to keep all the messy emotional drama out of our business lives, so that we can get really clear on our business goal, and get down to creating the abundance that we all dream of.

So…Emotional Hook #1…this would be emotional abandonment.  With the emotional abandonment hook we either control people by being needy…or we control people by purposely ignoring them.  You see when we haven’t ever received the emotional support that we needed in childhood we have a need to be seen and heard.  We also have a great need to feel important…like people care about us.

What we end up doing is either talking too much, instead of listening to our potential customers, or we end up ignoring them just to get their attention.  Neither tactic is good for business.

If you can’t figure out why potential customers tend to tune you out or feel left out, you might want to check to see if you are using this emotional hook in your business.

Click here to see the video where I go into more detail about this.

Let’s make it a point to drop the emotional drama from our business lives, so that we can get really clear on where we are going in our online business…and just focus on that bottom line…which happens to be profit, and lots of it!

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