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Off To The Rescue…again…sigh…

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Yes…this is me coming to your rescue once again.

Well actually…it’s not me…this time it’s my Mentor that is coming to your rescue! 🙂

Truth be told my Mentor really doesn’t spend a ton of time “rescuing” per say.

He does however teach people that are willing to learn, and take action on what they learn, how to have successful online businesses!

You see both my Mentor and I have learned the hard way, that when your whole life revolves around rescuing people, nothing good comes out if it.


Because when you are live the life of a rescuer…very different from being a hero…you teach people to depend on you, instead of their own abilities to learn and create.

When this happens, you end up giving out copious amounts of energy to people in a way where you are disabling them from doing things, and creating their own dreams for themselves.

I know this may seem like I’m a hard-ass…but really…doesn’t self confindence in being able to do things for yourself feel good?

Doesn’t having a the most sought after skill-set on the internet, that sets you apart from the sea of people that don’t know online marketing…and don’t make money online…make you feel a sense of pride in what you learned?

Wouldn’t it feel better to just know how to make your own money online instead of depending on someone else to do it for you…in their time frame not yours?

Wouldn’t you love your customers to be “action-takers” and buy your products and services from you online, because you know how to sell in a natural and easy way?

I’m just saying a simple truth here…it feels better when you have the ability to TEACH people how to fish…instead of rescuing them all the time and constantly GIVING them fish.

If you are always using the “rescue” hook for a sense of self-esteem, at some point your going to RUN OUT OF STEAM…and let a ton of people down in the process.

If you really want to learn the easy and simple way to market your online business online…

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Here’s to you stopping all the wasted energy of rescuing, and just getting down to brass tacks on the truly simple and easy way to make money online…which is probably all you really want in the first place…right?

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Until next time…

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