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The Nasty Rejection Hook

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So to be bluntly honest with you, the number #1 reason why most people hate to sell…is that there is usually a ton of REJECTION associated with it.

So here is where the rejection emotional hook #3 comes into play. Most of us tend to nurse a healthy fear of rejection. We hate it so much that we will do literally ANYTHING to avoid it!

On one end we will throw out a hook of being vulnerable, weak, or just plain pitiful, so that people will not reject us. Or…on the other hand…we will project tons of rage at a person to keep them from rejecting us.

How many times have we bought something because we felt sorry for the person selling it…or we bought something because we were afraid to say no to the salesperson? If you answer honestly it would probably be higher than 50% of the time.

True…the sale has been made and you might think that it means success…but in the end most people that buy for these reasons end up having what we call, “buyers remorse,” and not long after the sale they are asking for a refund.

That’s not really what success is all about when you have an online business. So…how do we step around the rejection hook…right?

Well, first of all it would be wonderful to look at selling as a way to release your fear of selling what you passionately believe in. Second, instead of acting weak and pitiful, or projecting intimidating rage at a potential customer just remember the following phrase, and you will see how simple and easy selling really is.

Selling is just telling, and telling is just being yourself and talking about what you believe would help solve another person’s problem.

If the person says “no” to the sale, then understand that they really don’t have a problem that you can solve for them…so on to the next person. With that in mind remember that whatever emotional reaction they may have has NOTHING to do with you, so refuse to take it personal, ok.

I mean really…you have an online business, and there are literally milliuns of people looking for what you are offering in the mix of 7 billion people that populate the earth.

The internet makes it possible to reach just about every person way easier than 20 or even 5 years ago, so just focus on the skills that pull that milliun people customer base to you via online marketing. Oh…and NEVER lose sight of your goals!

This is exactly why over 27 million people are going into business for themselves, and over 69% of them are home-based businesses.

Having said this my friend, the odds are in your favor everyday that technology gets better, and all you have to do is clear out all the emotional drama from your life so that you can get really clear on your goals, and how you are going to make them happen.

The other 50% of the equation of being a successful online business owner is taking massive action in your business…learning from your mistakes…and adjusting your course to be more profitable by the day.

Click here to see my new video on emotional hook #3 – Rejection!

Here’s to a wonderful day!

Until next time…

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