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To Be Or Not To Be A Hero

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So let’s get real here…we all at some point secretly desire to be the hero at some point in our lives. We want to be successful in our online businesses with endless abundance, so that we can save all our poor family members and loved ones…right?

We all wanna be the next Tony Robbins.you know…the good guy at the top that everyone knows and likes. Now you gotta ask yourself why?

Most of the time we want to be the “Hero” because at some point in our lives someone that we deeply loved and respected just disappeared, and we felt the deep pain of being physically abandoned.

In this pain we prayed to God for them to come back, we wished upon all the falling stars, and then we were coldly plunged into the harsh reality that they were never coming back…no matter how long we waited on the porch for them.

As innocent children, trying to cope with the pain of physical abandonment and rationalize why certain people never returned, we made them into a hero, and told ourselves that other people needed them more…that heaven needed them more…and that’s what made it ok for them to leave.

Regardless of what we told ourselves, the pain of their loss never left our souls, as our subconscious continued to re-create the loss over and over again in our adult lives. From there we created an emotional hook to cover the pain of physical abandonment.

Not knowing this we forged ahead to start our own online businesses, only to repeat the same cycle there. Business partners, mentors, or sponsors, just up and left without rhyme or reason.

So to cope with more added loss we vow to become the hero to all of our customers…come hell or high water!

From there we attract customers that are more like the spawn of hell…and being the “hero” we do everything to please them and not leave them, like we were left. Our online businesses start to tank, and no matter what business expert we listen to…we cannot save it…so we are left asking why?

Well hells bells, you have logically checked all the numbers, tactics and systems that you are using, and they all check out…but you forgot to check in on that nasty soul pain that you keep creating around physical abandonment.

No really…you might want to go and check that dark festering corner of your soul while your at it.

You see…the secret to being a successful online business owner is to become your own hero first…and never give up or leave yourself and your dream behind.

The other secret to being a successful online business owner is knowing that every customer is not YOUR customer, because not matter what you do…you will never be able to please them. At that point of realization, it is perfectly ok to leave them behind to be someone else’s customer, because you will make way more money on the back-end in doing so.

Releasing that physical abandonment hook is difficult, and very doable, and I only say this from experience. It’s about learning to let go…over and over again…until we are no longer afraid of people coming and going in our lives. Most of all, it’s all about trusting our ability to create more business and better relationships on the other side of letting go.

So you wanna be a hero…right?

Be your own hero first…be there for YOU first. Get used to people taking pot shots at you just to test your strength, and get used to spending tons of time alone with yourself, teaching yourself to trust that it’s really going to be ok in the end.

Having said this, let’s start out today being our own heros so that others will follow what we do, and come to us as the customers and clients that we would really love to have.

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