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Yes…don’t we all need more coffee today! Having said this, truly successful entrepreneurs teach themselves to become adrenaline junkies. I still remember the first time I rode a motorcycle solo. I was fine on the straight-away but negotiating that first corner…well…let’s just say I went in the ditch…nearly missed a fence post, but still managed to stay upright and get back on the road.


When we have an online business it is imperative to train ourselves to face our fears, bring them logically down to size, and them boot them out the door. This is hard to do because in our human “fight or flight” instict, most of us have been taught to avoid our fears at all costs!


Yep, that fear that you have of not having enough money to get an online business off the ground…it’s got to go!


That fear of what other people think about you having an online business…that has to go, too!


That fear of making mistakes is one that ESPECIALLY…has to go!


When you have an online business, the best way…BY FAR...is to learn by what my mentor calls…IMPERFECT ACTION. In other words you just have to roll your sleeves up, face your fears, and run that traffic…even if your first run is not perfect…make that first video on your YouTube channel…even if it’s not perfect, etc…you get my point here?


You best  teacher in having an online business is going to be experience, and to get that experience you are going to need to face all of your fears…bring them logically down to size…let them go…and take imperfect action.


Successful online business owners do this over and over again, until they get the results they want to see in their business.


So…to put this into perspective…if you really want to make your online business profitable you’re going to have to teach yourself to be an adrenaline junkie. You’re going to have to teach yourself to run into your fear and kick it’s ass…and then take action over and over again…until the fear is gone.


I can tell you from experience, becoming an online business owner is a scary cliff to jump off of…but you will never know your true potential to fly unless you “JUST DO IT!”


I’m living proof…as I sit here and write you out of my home office…that you really can do this…you really can fly and be successful in an online business.


Oh by the way…I am now an accomplished motorcycle rider, capable of handling those corners like a pro. But to be honest, I actually laid my first bike down once at 50mph on a gravel filled corner. Serious road rash, and a broken knee, that I never went to the hospital for, taught me to always wear my leathers, and to always be on the lookout for gravel on the road, when on my bike.


You see mistakes are the best way to learn…because those are the lessons you never forget! This also applies to having an online business, and the process of learning internet and digital marketing.


So…let’s get messy and have some fun doing it. Let’s kick our fears to the side and really show ourselves our true potential in building our own online businesses today!


Click here to see my latest video on fear.


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