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Burning Bridges

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When is the last time you burned bridges just to make sure you never made the same mistake again?


I am learning that I create at my greatest capacity when I am uncomfortable, and I have my back against the wall.


So yes…I have been MIA…because I doing my best to build a bathroom out of a greenhouse, with almost zero carpentry experience, and learning from numerous mistakes. In all of this I am determined to get this done before winter gets serious with snow and freezing temperatures.


Not to mention, I am still running two online businesses…whew…my work is never done!


I know, because I see that you keep reading my blogs.  This tells me that you are really interested in having your own online business.

However, something is stopping you from investing in the opportunity that I have to offer you.


What is holding you back?


Is it lack of money? Is it lack of trust? Is it lack of confidence? Are you afraid of what other people will think? Is it fear of failure? Is it too much debt hanging over your head? What is holding you back?


I face a lot of obstacles being an entrepreneur, and today I faced a major one today.


Click here to see what it was all about.


At the end of the day, in any online business, online marketing is required. Another basic truth is that outside of any product or service, you must be willing to believe in yourself enough to market…well…YOURSELF! It’s called personal branding and it’s the baseline that you set for your online business.


Click here for the easy way to have and build your own profitable online business!


I know it’s difficult, and I know how scary it is to actually do something different and only depend on yourself to create your dreams in your online business, but I am living proof that you really can do this. So chin up, and I hope you have an amazing weekend!


Until next time…

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