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Change…Not The Kind That Jingles

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So, I hope you are aware that your subconscious mind is always constantly plotting. Yes, your higher self doesn’t like being stuck in one place, so it is constantly plotting and planning on how to get you out of your comfort zone, so that you can create your dreams.


It’s called CHANGE…and it’s not the kind that jingles in your pocket!


Sometimes if we are feeling good change comes in extra green stuff showing up in our bank accounts in unexpected ways…which pushes us to do more to create more of it...so that we can get the good feeling that comes from it.


Other times change comes in more shocking forms like car accidents, or the deaths of people close to us. In these times change doesn’t feel so good at first, but once we clear the intial reactive emotions of fear, and grief, it is only then that we can see that change is bringing us more of that kinda change that jingles.


I had a customer once that called me in a panic about being in a wreck, and once I was able to help her clear the emotion of shock, and feeling that this was a tragedy…she ended up with a new car…and a good size chunk of settlement change.


Those are just a couple of examples of how change in our lives, creates more of the kind of change that ends up in our bank accounts…and usually it’s not chump change!


So having said this, it is wisdom as online business owners if we look forward to change, and work with what our subconscious is trying to do to get us to create our dreams...and more of the change that jingles on our pockets.


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