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Groovin Vs. Rut

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When I was a kid I used to hear people say that things were “groovy”. Sometimes I would catch a reference to people talking about how good things were in their lives, and how they were really “groovin”.


So what’s the difference between being stuck in a rut, and getting into the groove of things?


Well…the difference is that they are polar opposites!


Being stuck in a rut is doing something that does NOT give you your desired results…over and over again…expecting different results. It is the definition of INSANITY!


Getting into the groove of things, is when a person tries something for awhile, and in not getting the results that they desire, they change things up, and do something different until they hit that sweet spot, of getting their desired results. This is the definition of creating our DREAMS!


It isn’t just a title in a Disney Movie…”How The Emperor Got His New Groove.”


This is a deep life truth, and if you want to be a successful Entrepreneur, you’re going to have to look forward to constant adaptation, and change.  


The phrase…”this is how we do it, because this is how we have always done it”…does NOT apply to people who really want to create success in their online businesses. This is because the internet, and marketing on the internet is one of the fastest changing fields of operation on the planet.


If we want to create total success in our online businesses, we must be willing to face our fear of change, and our fear that we cannot adapt and…well…jump off the proverbial cliff into trying and learning new things when it comes to marketing our online businesses.


I mean…it’s either that or…stay stuck in the rut of not making any dinero…it’s really your call, because it’s your dream and your business.


Me…well boy howdy…I’m getting good at jumping off of cliffs…and I am slowly really trusting my ability to fly.


Here’s to all of us adrenaline junkie Enrepreneurs…man are we ever going to have something to talk about when we really hit that sweet groove!


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