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Momma Said There’d Be Days Like This

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So…yeh…it’s like someone did a clean swipe on my brain…I got nuthin right now. Ugghhh…”Momma always did talk about days like this.” Maybe if I drink more coffee, that should do the trick.


There are some days when you’re not going wake up singing dixie. You’re not going to have anything inspirational to say, and you “sho as hell ain’t gonna smile” until that second, or third, cup of coffee!


It really doesn’t matter if you are still doing the online business thing part time, while you juggle working for someone else, or you work out of your home full time. There will be days when it feels like “grumpy cat” has possessed you, and you are just exhuasted at your core being.


I’m going to say this really ssslllooowww so that you understand….IT’S OK TO TAKE A BREAK AND REST!


You know as a kid, naps where my nemisis, and I hated them. However, as an adult they are sinfully, peaceful breaks that I give myself when I can’t get my body and mind in gear, and I am exhuasted.


Giving yourself time to just “do nothing” and chill is imperative, because sometimes you run out of energy when you least expect it, and you need that break to rejuvenate again.


Yes, I’m writing this on Monday because I have the time luxury of working out of my home, and having two successful online business. When I say “luxury” of working out of my home…I really mean that.


Having worked for other people for over 42 years, not having to repeat the insanity of making someone else rich, means the world to me…and so does the ability to take breaks and naps on my own time schedule!


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Having said this, give yourself breaks, because the truth is that no one else will. You CAN make your dream of having a successful online business come true…so don’t ever give up on that dream…ok. If I can do it…so can you!


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