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Murphy’s Law Kickin Your Butt?

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Yep, don’t ya just hate it when you spill your coffee first thing in the morning, stub your toe on the end table, and forget an important appointment that you were supposed to be at?  Its called “Murphy’s Law”…and it also applies to the amount of money that we are wanting to attract in our online businesses.


I know…you want to make hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions with your online business…right???


So why is in NOT HAPPENING?


Yep…you guessed it…”Murphy’s Law.”


One thing I have had to learn when it comes to creating what I want, is the ART OF DISTRACTION. So when we don’t have what we want, and usually that is a lot of green stuff, we usually want to create it fast because we need it like…YESTERDAY!


Well the problem with this is that our brains are stuck in YESTERDAY…and the need for that green stuff to pay bills…and not in today in our present moment. When this happens we shut down our capacity to create in our present moment, what we want and desire the most.  


And then we start repeating a vicious cycle of creating more of what we don’t have…that we want so badly.


So you ask, how do we get out of that vicous cycle?


You do it with the art of focusing your brain on something in your present moment that is more pleasurable and interesting than what your need is…AND…you hold your focus on that until your brain no longer is drawn back to focusing on the glaring NEED that you feel, or the expectations that you have around it.


I do this by getting up and going through a long list of what I am grateful for…from food…to a warm home…to my dogs…to my coffee…to…ok do you get the idea now?


When I start to feel good in that energy of gratefulness, then I either get things done in my online businesses that I need to take care of, enjoying every minute of what I am doing…or I make something creative with my hands, like making semi-precious stone bead necklaces…or I go out and play in the dirt and garden…or I do a construction project around my cabin…or I read a portion of a good book…or…do you get where I am going with this?


This is how I create success in my two online businesses. A typical day in my world is getting up to have a cup of coffee, while grabbing my breakfast, all the while going through thoughts of what I am grateful for. Before doing anything else I spend time either reading or watching some type of good motivational material.


From there I make sure to set my method of running traffic to my online businesses in motion for the day.  Then I make a run to town for supplies if needed. When I get home it’s usually time for lunch…and after that I make time to get some type of exercise in and/or I go for a walk and play with my dogs.


Then I toggle between giving readings, and doing things that need to get done in my online marketing business, and before I know it my day is usually coming to an end. Sometimes if my Psychic online business is slow I toggle between making stone bead necklaces, and doing things in my marketing business.


Sometimes I will take time to learn something new in depth about internet and digital marketing, and my day goes by so fast! Oh…and don’t tell anyone this but sometimes I sneak in a sinfully peaceful nap.


But…did you notice something here? I DON’T GIVE MY BRAIN TIME TO WORRY ABOUT WHETHER I AM MAKING MONE.Y OR NOT…I’m just focused on being grateful and having a productive day. I don’t sit around and watch my traffic runs. I don’t sit around and go through my bills…I keep my brain totally distracted by enjoying my day!


This is what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. You have to really hone the skill of DISTRACTING your brain from going into past dysfunctional thinking and behavior, and you have to be willing to do it over and over again until it becomes a habit.


So are you going to go into this willingly…or does life have to drag you into it kicking and screaming? It’s up to you. You can do it the easy way willingly…or you can do it the hard way with “Murphy’s Law” kicking your butt all the way there. The choice is yours.

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