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Out Of Control…Aaarrggghh!

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Sometimes we really do feel like we are out of control and going for broke, just to make it from one day to the next.


Here lately a lot of us have been feeling the crushing pressure of bills, the need to make more money, and the need to keep everything on an even keel.


Unfortunately right now, the universe seems hell bent on putting us through traumatic change…and any sense of control we thought we had…is flying out the window!


Well hells bells…how are we supposed to keep our heads in the game of our online business with all this kaos going on around us…right?


It’s called giving up the need to have to be in control of everything around us. It’s called letting go of what we can’t control and just focusing on how we feel and are reacting to things around us. It’s called going inside of ourselves and centering in peace…while the storm rages around us.


Once we do this then we can get back to focusing on our online businesses, and how we are going to go about being productive in them. It’s about taking one step in a day to be productive in our online businesses no matter how small it is.


So maybe all that you were able to do was send an email out to your list…great! You’re communicating.


Maybe all you accomplished was running a small bit of online traffic to your business…great! You’re getting eyeballs to your business!


So maybe you were just able to only do mindset work, and read ten pages in a good entrepreneurial book…great! You’re teaching yourself how to create better things in you life.


You see where I’m going with this?


Even if you only do ONE productive things in your online business as an entrepreneur, at a time that seems chaotic in your life, you are a success…and you are creating massive success on the back-end of your near future.


So yes…maybe you really feel out of control…and maybe that is bugging you a lot right now. It would help to bring your focus down to the few things that you can control, and not try to push yourself past unrealistic expectations.


Click here to see the Heart to Heart video I made today for you on this topic. 🙂


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