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When Being Lazy Can Actually Be Good

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So I heard someone say the other day that if they had to hire someone, they would pick a lazy person over a hard working person any day. This got my attention so I asked the person that said this…why?


His reason was that a lazy person would think of the quickest and easiest way to complete a task. On the other hand, a hard working person would have to rely on company training to complete the same task, only to complete it without any ingenuity or thought behind it.


Wow!!! Talk about blowing me away. So…I guess lazy people really aren’t bad after all!


In reality lazy people really aren’t without motivation, they just work smarter not harder. I guess you could say that I am truly a lazy person at heart, with a spark of genius, and the drive to succeed set to over-drive.


In a nutshell, I’m intelligent, intuitive, and very stubborn. Hey…don’t knock it…this is how I am able to constantly adapt and work out of my home in two online businesses.


Where are you at on this scale of hard-working to lazy?


I guess this came to mind when I was learning yet another form of paid online traffic. I do invest in learning different ways to market my online business, because that is how I make the moolah.


That is also how I may appear to be somewhat lazy when working my own schedule, yet in reality I am just working smarter…not harder!


Does this mean I don’t work in the day? Awe hell no! I work all the time, it’s just my work as an entrepreneur is different that most people that work a 9-5 job.


A typical days starts with me spending the first hour of my day doing mindset work to start my day of in the correct frame of mind to make money.


From there I give value to other entrepreneurs by doing a facebook live each morning, with tips on how I create success online. After that will do a myriad of things such as writing a blog, setting up a paid traffic run, and/or coming up with email subject ideas, or learning something new to implement in my business.


After this…if I don’t forget to eat…I have lunch, and take a break to watch a video that feeds my soul with truth.


After lunch I usually have appointments booked for my first online business, so I complete those appointments, and fit training from my mentor , in between those readings. After that I make sure to get all of my emailing done for the day.


From there I spend thirty or more minutes reading a good entrepreneurial book. As the day comes to a close I allow myself to play on social media for a bit. Finally, I check on any traffic runs I have going, do a bit more of “Think and Grow Rich” mindset work, and then head off to bed.


Now that you can see what my typical day looks like…how does it measure up to yours?


I guess to me, my days are peaceful because I regularly check into doing mindset work, and am constantly in a place of being aware of how I feel. If I am worrying or afraid, I look at the why behind it and do something to release the emotions that are causing it, and redirect my thoughts. If I feel good then I keep that feeling rolling for a long as I can.


It may seem to some that I don’t struggle enough, or work hard enough, but hey…this is what brings that green stuff to me. 


So the question you have to ask yourself is…is what you are doing in a day bringing you the money that you really want in your life? Are you wore out a beat down at the end of the day, or are you happy and proud of what you accomplished?


If not, are you willing to change up what you do to work smarter not harder…AND…do it consistently until you get the results you want?


Just something to think about when you are pursuing the dream of having a successful online business.  Because at the end of the day, lazy, successful people really aren’t bad…they just use their brains more, and put a higher value on their personal freedom.


Until next time…

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