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Same Sh*t…Different Day

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Right now it seems like one day runs into another, and it’s the “same sh*t…different day.” Sometimes I have to look at the calendar just to know what day it actually is.


Regardless, I know that my life has been through many tremendous changes.


I mean really, I started another new online business, my Son died, and I spent the rest of the year grappling and growing in both of those major changes.


Everyday I went through the past year, it seemed like nothing new was happening…yet here I sit a year later…a totally changed person.


Everyday for the last year I made better decisions, I did at least one productive thing in both of my online businesses, and I read and watched something that changed the way I thought, to be in a more positive place.


Everyday since May 22nd, 2018…the day my Son died…I have let tears fall when they needed to, so that my soul could heal.


Everyday, for the past year I changed my life…one moment…and one day at a time.


I moved a mountain of debt, bad thoughts, and dysfunctional behavior that stood in my way of success.  I spent time with my two surviving children, and made good memories with them, and I built a strong connective bond with my business family and mentors.


You see…it really hasn’t been the “same sh*t…different day.” I just couldn’t tell how much I had done in this year because time moves so slowly, and I was learning to be successful by doing things through repetitiveness.


I have learned to use foresight to make good solid decisions. I have also learned that in order to see how far I have come…in order to really be able to quantify my success…I have to use hindsight for that.


Having said this, use hindsight and click here for a free video on marketing mistakes you may be making.


Now…use your foresight for 2019…and click here to create your dream profitable online business.


It’s all about our quest in acquiring new information in a day, and then what we do to expand in that new information…moment by moment…day by day.


Click here to see my latest video on foresight and hindsight.


Until next time…

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