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Pigs and Chickens…Oh My!

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I woke up this morning thinking about my Great Grandmother, Wilsie Bohanan. She raised five children through the Great Depression without batting an eye. Wanna know how she did it?


Pigs and chickens…oh…and one cow for milk.


She would supplement the food supply with her massive garden, take her produce to the local coop cannery, and buy the extra’s she needed with eggs, bacon, pork, and extra dairy products that she would make by hand. She would make her own soap with lye from fire place ashes, and lard, and she would “salt down,” and “straw down” other forms of food, to get her family through the winter.


My Great Grandmother was part Choctaw, part straight up Ozark Hill-Billy…and her strength came from her mother dying at the tender age of three. Being raised alone by her father, she quickly learned to not only be intelligent, but also to be creative and cunning…and she taught everything she knew to me.


She taught me how to get up and face life everyday…not to be defeated…but to make it my own, and how I wanted it to be. She taught me how to take life in bite size moments, until I got through each difficulty. But most of all, she taught me about the strength of the human will to survive, and how to use compassion to take the edge off of the harshness of life.


My Great Grandmother was the first entrepreneur in our family…and I was her biggest student.  This is why I live on top of a mountain, in an off-grid cabin, and have two successful online businesses.


I carry the legacy of my Great Grandmother as an entrepreneur, and I will pass it on to my surviving two Sons and whatever grandchildren may come.


What is your legacy?


Is it one of being an entrepreneur or a successful online business owner?


Are you creating a legacy for your kids and grandkids? If so have you thought about what it is…or what you want it to be?


Creating a legacy is all about leading by example…something my mentor does very well I can guarantee you that when he is no longer here on earth…people will remember not only what he did…but how much he impacted peoples lives in a positive way.


This is what I strive to create now…a legacy of being a compassionate entrepreneur, business coach, life coach, and successful online business owner…and I am doing it by example.


What will your legacy be?


Just something to think about today as you push forward in your online business adventures.


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