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Holy Crap!

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Holy crap!

Don’t you just hate it when someone around you always seems to get it perfect all of the time? I mean how fake is that…right?


We tend to not trust perfect people because we ourselves are not so perfect. I mean even if we have a fast learning curve…rarely do we get it right the first time.


My mentor, said something the other day that not only made a lot of sense to me, but also caused me to have another break-through in my online business. He said, “if we wait to get it perfect the first time, then we will never get anything done!”


I wanted my business funnels to be perfect, my emails to be perfect, my blog site to be perfect, and my video’s to be perfect…and guess what…that is where I got stuck doing NOTHING in my business.


Everyone has heard that example of Edison and his creation of the lightbulb. He said that he didn’t fail over 10,000 times…he just found 10,000 different ways that didn’t work…and one that did. Well I can almost guarantee that you won’t have that long of a learning curve in your online business.


Internet and digital marketing is a skill, that once you have the basics down, you hone to perfection. That means you take imperfect action and hone it down until you get to perfection.


You will find that your most effective teacher of all time, is your own experience itself. So jump into action in your online business with enthusiasm, and enjoy what you are creating…but most of all…enjoy honing a skill that very few have, and everyone wants.


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