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Frying Electronics With Energy In Motion

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Have you ever gotten angry, and shortly after that you got the blue screen of death on your computer?  Or maybe, you were terrified of something, and all the sudden a fuse went out in your house.


What I am getting at here is that when we are in heightened states of negative emotions, if we are trying to do anything that involves electronics, we will have a very negative impact on anything electrical.


This is because emotions are energy in motion, and electricity is the purest form of energy in motion.


As online business owners we do most of our business on electronics like computers, IPads, and cell phones.  Often times when we are experiencing heightened states of frustration, anger, or fear, this negative energy will fry whatever electronic devise we are using.


I have a personal friend who has been a professional psychic/medium like me for over 20 years…and when she gets angry…she blows up the light bulbs in her house.  Knowing this, she keeps a ton of extra light-bulbs around, and she really does her best to no get angry.


So…if you want to really make that green stuff, without spending a ton of it to replace fried electronics, it would be wise to follow the instruction that I give in the video below, to keep this from happening.


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