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Well…I either just said a name that disgusts you, or I just spouted off a name that makes you think that our President might just give the good ‘ol USA half a chance at pulling out of a nose dive.  Either way, you have to admit, Trump turns heads.


If your in business for yourself you have to ask yourself…why…why does this business man, actor, turned President, get everyone’s attention?


It’s all about being flawed and strange.  You gotta admit that his orangish glow, bright yellow hair, and checkered past…not to mention the outlandish things that he says…makes Trump one strange duck.  And that folks, whether you like it or not, is how people make the green stuff in business.


My mentor, made a strong business point at that last event, when he stated that if you’re not pissing people off, then your not getting their attention, and if your not getting their attention, then your probably not getting any sales in your online business.


Well…he wasn’t really telling us to make people angry…he was talking about standing out from the sea of all the other online business owners out there, vying to get people’s attention. 


What makes you different? 


As Misha so pointedly asked us all…why would people want to do business with you?


What kind of skin do you have in your game of having on online business?  Is it different than everyone elses?  Does it get peoples attention?


These are all questions that you need to ask yourself when you are wanting to create your dream in having a successful online business The reason for this is because if you know what you are bringing to the table in what makes you different, then you can play confidently to your difference…and not to trying to fit in.


What makes people popular on YouTube? Notice that it’s the odd balls that get all the views and likes?  It’s the strange ducks that get peoples attention.


Now I’m not saying that you have to go dye your hair purple, get lots of tattoos, or get some type of drastic plastic surgery…I’m just saying…you are unique in who you are…yes in fact the only one of you.  So play to your uniqueness in your online business.


If Trump can do it and make that green stuff hand over fist…then boy howdy…you can do it too!


So…let’s get on with creating our dreams of having successful online businesses…and show people what makes us different from everyone else in the online marketing space today. 


Let your funky style shine…or not!  🙂


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