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What To Do With The Crabby Abby

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Well…I don’t know about you, but I seem to be getting hammered by crabby people no matter what I do.  I mean seriously, every time I do something kind for one person, I seem to piss two other people off.  Sheeesh!  It’s getting to the point where being a hermit is very appealing right now.


I remember going to a live training with my mentor, Anthony Morrison.  I told him that I seemed to make people that weren’t really serious about having an online business angry. I mean for real, these people had asked me for information, and I was only trying to help them get profitable online.


When my mentor heard my question, he laughed, and then gave me his golden response.  He said very simply, “well if you’re not pissing people off, then your not getting their attention, and if your not getting their attention, then your not going to make a difference in their lives…let alone make any sales.”


I sat there for a minute stunned at his answer…awed by both his sense of humor, and his sense of compassion, at having had the same experiences that I was having.


The truth is that when you make a stand for something that you are passionate about, you’re going to get people’s attention…and not everybody is going to love what you are passionate about…yep…some people are going to HATE it!


If you let that stop you, then you are never going to be able to create your dream of having a successful online business


I can say this with all honesty and experience, because I have had haters following me all my life.  My biggest ones are family members…starting with my own mother.


You could say I had the right to be resentful and hateful back, but that is not the case with me.  I am actually very grateful for the haters that have plague my life continuously, because they made me stronger than every single one of them.


When I see a hater today, I see a person in a lot of soul pain, and I can only have forgiveness and compassion for them…but at the same time…make sure to keep my boundaries strong and not let them pull me down.


Click here to see the video I made on this today.NegNellie


Having said this, let’s make this season both profitable and peaceful, by speaking our truth and staying in our own bubbles of peace, ok.


Until next time…

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