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What if I fall? Oh but Darling what if you fly?

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What If

Getting hate mail might seem to bother some, but I’m not bothered by it at all.  It just tells me that someone has either bought an online business opportunity that wasn’t a right fit for them, or they gave up on both themselves and their online business too soon.


You know truthfully we all make mistakes when we are pursuing our dreams of having a profitable online business.  I failed five different times before I was able to find the right online business that was a good fit for me.


I learned that as an introvert, network marketing was NOT for me because I didn’t have very many friends and family members to pitch, and I hated cold-calling.  I also learned that I didn’t like to have to keep ordering all of those auto-shipments of products.


I guess what really didn’t work for me, when it came to network marketing and MLM businesses, was that there were no high ticket commissions.


Hell…in my online business now I can make up to $1,000 in one sale alone!


Yes, stepping out on a limb is scary.  We tend to ask…what if I fall?  I think what always propels us forward though, is that next nagging question…ohhh but darling…what if you fly?


Baby birds don’t fly successfully on their first try…so why do we think that we should always get it right on the first try?  


Success doesn’t come easy, because if it did, everybody would be a success, and living their dreams.  Success only comes when a person uses three attributes to keep moving forward…DESIRE…PERSISTENCE…and FAITH.


Famous athletes endure rigorous training to get where they are, famous actors and actresses endure countless auditions before they land a starring role, famous musicians have to play tons of smaller gigs in order to get a recording deal.  


So tell me again…why should you beat yourself up if you don’t get it right on your first try to have a profitable online business?


If you ARE sick of failing. If you ARE tired so spinning your wheels.  If you ARE stuck in overwhelm…trying to get profitable in an online business.  It means that you have probably chosen a business opportunity, prior to this, that is the wrong fit for you.


This also means that you need an online business where everything is literally DONE FOR YOU…until you have time to learn internet and digital marketing.  The opportunity I have for you not only does this for you, but we also have free, professional coaching…because you need support as a new online business owner.


So let’s quit wasting money and time. 


Click here to get started with the RIGHT online business for you.


Seriously…you can’t lose when your only investing one buck.  Why not see why I don’t have to work a J.O.B.


Because at the end of the day it’s about never giving up on your dream of working out of your home. 


I can tell you this because I struggled and failed from 2009 – 2011 to have a viable, honest, and profitable online business.  Finally in 2012, I found the right online business for me…and I never looked back.


Now I have 2 online businesses…and for six years of bliss…I have been working from home, and anywhere I can take my laptop with me.


So what are you waiting for…let’s get started creating your dream of having a successful online business today!  🙂

Click here to see the new video’s that I put up on my YouTube Channel.


Until next time…

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