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The art of surrender & how we screw it up!

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Well…I finally learned the fine art of surrendering, only to screw it up.  Ahhh yes…the learning from my mistakes thingy again.


So, I finally opened up my Son’s urn, and sent some of his ashes, and a few of his prize items to his two brothers, and four of his closest friends.  It hurt to let go and surrender, but it also felt so good to comfort everyone else who is still grieving his death with me.


Then what do I do?  I come home and check my traffic runs, and my back office to see if I made any sales a million times today.  Yep…I let go of someone I loved deeply, only to get clingy in my business.


My Son used to always tell me that people trade one addiction for another, just to not deal with soul pain.  Well, I caught myself doing that today.  True to an old saying, “a watched pot never boils”…sales don’t happen when I am obsessing over making them.


So now that I got all the “send all the Christmas presents on time” thing done for the year, I’m going to just spend some time playing and enjoying my days now.  Screw checking my traffic runs and back office all the time!  Now I’m just going to lighten up for a bit and begin to enjoy my life.


No one likes a weeping willow all the time…and boy howdy that goes for me…I can’t stand to feel sad all the time.


Think I’ll spend more time playing with my two dogs, and taking them on walks outside, weather permitting.


Moral of the story here…don’t trade one bad habit for another…do something different to get something different.  That goes for what we do in our online businesses also.


Until next time…

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