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Oh Great…It’s Official Now!

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Don’t you just hate it when you have a secret crush on someone, and your heart sinks to your toes as you watch them get married to someone else?  In your mind your thinking…well it’s official now…I’ll be alone for the rest of my friggin life.


I’m sure you have been there at least once in your life.  Yeh…you feel ugly, unwanted, and disillusioned, and you doubt both your feelings and your thoughts…like…what the hell was I thinking?


It’s only after you have let go of the deep grief, and hurt around not being seen or chosen, and also the self doubt, that you are actually able to pick yourself up,and move on with your life.


Well…that’s also the way it is when we are entrepreneurs.  Here’s how it goes…we don’t have the money to start an online business, let alone have the working capital that we need to run traffic to it consistently, so we do the next best thing we can, and go for a business loan. 


As we wait for the week or two that it takes for the loan people to make their decision, we tend to worry, fret, and yet still somehow prepare to spring into action, doing our best to believe that we have that loan….


…and after the long wait we are denied the loan.


To ad insult to injury we are told that this particular online business opportunity, and our mentor is not really solid and legitimate, and why don’t we do something more mainstream like open a brick and mortar business…or at least change the title of what we do to suit everyone’s liking more.


Yes…this happened to me about a week ago, as I was told that I should not pay money to invest in a business mentor, and that I should change the title of my Psychic/Medium business to one of being a “Life Coach”. 


The the loan people also went on to try to critique my business funnels, when I knew that they had ZERO experience in this type of marketing.


Gawd…I just wanted to crawl under a rock and never come out.  Before I went for the loan, I absolutely loved my two online businesses and I believed in everything that I had done to build them, and now I doubted everything I loved and believed in as my dream.


I questioned my judgement, I questioned who I had chosen as a business mentor, I questioned every being able to expand in both of my online business, hell…I just felt like one complete loser for going after my dreams!


I guess since having to watch my Son take is last breath…THAT was probably the darkest moment of my year and my life.  People had told me that my dreams of who I was, and what I wanted to do sucked, and that I should change it…and boy howdy did that ever hurt deep in my soul!


It took a few days of my eyes leaking and me not getting too far from my trusty bed to get through the pain in my soul…but I muddled through it…and saw daylight on the other side of that dark night of my soul.


I guess the point of this whole blog is what I learned this last week…and that is that if you don’t believe in yourself and your dreams…no one else will.


If you don’t trust that going after your dream of having a successful online business is actually achievable, then no one else will either, and you will never have that dream.


And finally, if you let someone else’s opinion, especially people in financial institutions, dictate to you whether you have your dream, or not…you will probably never have it.


A word synonymous with entrepreneur is rebellious…and that is because you have to be willing to rebel and stand alone to create your dream…before anyone else will stand with you.


So here’s to rebels and entrepreneurs today…and here’s to us defeating all odds to have a lucrative, reputable, and successful online business!


Until next time…


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