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Do certain people give you the chills?

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You know, along with the cold winter weather, certain people really do give me the chills.  Maybe it’s the way they look at me, or the way they move, but some people really do give me the eebie jeebiez.


These types of people seem to come out more around the summer time. Kinda like all the people from “The Hills Have Eyes” movie decided to come down out of the hills, for the sole purpose of crashing summer celebrations. I’m not kidding…seriously…just go to Walmart and you will see.


Don’t get me wrong, I have compassion for people, but some people are really hell bent on hurting others, and taking from them, without any feeling or conscious involved.  Being around people like this makes me feel like I’ve been “slimmed”…so I tend to stay home more during the summer season.


My dog, Daisy, is teaching me the art of snuggling, and I am spending more time honing my skills of getting more “traffic” to my online businesses.


Even though my Son’s ashes sit across from me in my tiny cabin, and I face this summer season alone, my passion for my online businesses, and my dreams for my life never die. 


So now as an early summer rain storm swirls outside, my dog Daisy snores, and I sit at my computer making my dreams come to life.  At this moment I tell myself…just for today I will drive traffic to my business, I will write to you, I will exercise my body, and I will work on getting my subconscious mind on-board with creating my dreams. 


Just for today I will not give up on myself or my dreams.


Just for today I will create happiness, no matter how small or big it may be.


I will do this so that I can crawl into my warm bed tonight, knowing that I did my best.


It takes strength, and pure will and drive to be an entrepreneur, and I will tell you right here that if I can do it…


You can do it, too!


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Oh…and I will not be THAT person that gives other people bad chills…lol. 🙂


Until next time…

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