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When Moaning On Monday Is Good!

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Wow…your mind just floated right past mine…in the gutter…lol.  🙂


Hey, it’s called quick wit, and working in all male environments really honed my skill of lightening quick comebacks…that weren’t always appropriate…but were usually funny.


For instance, my first construction job was working as a pipe-layers assistant.  Every man that heard me tell them my job title used to ask me…”so, what sort of pipe do you lay… while winking at me mischievously?” 


Without skipping a beat I would come back with…”well definitely not your pipe, RCP, water, sewer, and copper pipe.”


The look on those men’s face when they would hear my quick-witted comeback, still gives me a good chuckle to this day, when I pull up the memories.


So…what does this have to do with moaning on Monday?


Well moaning on a day that usually signals the beginning of a work week mentality is not always a bad thing.  Awe hell…let that inner moan and growl out…grrrrrr…and roar like you mean it…ROOOAAWR!


It gets the testosterone for you men, and estrogen for you ladies, flowing more.  It gets your blood pumping faster, and it means that you’re alive to make your dream of being a successful online business owner a reality.  It also means you are going to take creating that dream seriously in a committed way.


You see…when your quiet about making your dreams come true…you usually aren’t that committed to them.  However, when you put voice, and feeling to manifesting your dream of having a successful online business…boy howdy…you’re really gonna do it!


With that said…happy Moanday…oh, I mean Monday.  Let’s get up and do this thing we call being an entrepreneur, and creating our dream of having our own successful online businesses.


Until next time…

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