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Well hey there…how are you today?  Me…I’m back in the saddle…having finished my bathroom.  HA!  For once I wasn’t referring to anything riskee…lol.  🙂


Now I’m ready to take my online businesses full-steam ahead again…damn the torpedo’s.  It’s not easy going balls to the walls, when you have summer bearing down on you in waves of heat, and you have so many negative emotions weighing you down.


I’m here…I’m right here with you…down in the trenches…just trying to keep my crap together for a day.


I’m in your head, your aching heart, I’m in every salty tear that you hate yourself for letting fall.  I’m in your eyes when it all goes black.  I’m in the dark, frigid, lonely corridors of your memories, and I’m in your lungs when it hurts to breath.


I’m here with you in your present moment, when you can’t focus in writing a blog, let alone really get into running your online business because your heart is breaking, and you can’t stop thinking about who you owe, and how much you owe them.


I’m right here with you.  Just breath with me and let your eyes leak, without hating yourself.  Just for today we will breath, we will let go of all the feelings and thoughts that say our lives suck, and we will just be grateful for the small things…


…like food…housing…a pet…heat…a car or transportation…a warm bed…a favorite snuggly shirt…pj bottoms…hot chocolate….coffee…ice cream…you get what I mean.


Breath and let your eyes leak until it stops hurting to breath.  And when the pain is gone…rest…and when you are done resting, eat, drink, or do something fun and good, as a reward for the release of the negative emotion.


Then, and only then…once again...go full bore in your online business, savoring it for the dream that you are creating for yourself.


For those of you happily kicking arse, and taking names in your online business…well…let’s go!  See you at the top of our game!



Much love to you today.  🙂


Until next time…

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