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What you don’t know will hurt you!

Hey…I hope you are having a good week so far.  🙂  


So…if you’ve been reading my blogs…ya’ll know that I love honesty and openness.  Usually when someone is not transparent with me, it means that they are hiding either shame, pain, or fear.  I have learned the hard way that what I DON’T know…WILL…at some point hurt me!


Having said this…if you are wanting a successful online business...it is imperative that you choose a mentor(s), that will show you EVERYTHING they do to make muney online.


It’s not what everybody is talking about that makes all that green stuff.  It’s those small tweaks, those inner secrets, that only a few hold onto that really bring in the big bucks.


If a mentor is not willing to show you those little secrets, that bring in huge results or…


If your mentor is raking in the bucks, and you are not getting results in your online business, you might want to try a different mentor that is more transparent.


For example…my mentor Misha Wilson…from his old training videos to his new ones, he never holds anything back.  You can tell from all the people that he has mentored that have went on to create their own products, and their own stand-alone online business.


You see…Misha is not afraid of people leaving his organization to strike out on their own to create their own companies with their own product…in fact he highly encourages it.  That is because he knows that just as soon as one person leaves, he has double and triple the amount of people coming to him to begin mentoring.


Misha has no fear in him of people not coming to him for mentoring…therefore his online business still thrives to this day.


On the other hand…and mentor that is afraid to teach you everthing they know…is afraid of losing you and most of all…afraid of losing the income that you are bringing them.


Do you see the difference here?


That is why I say that what you DON’T know will not only hurt you…but it will cost you a lot of hard earned bucks in the long-run.


With that said…choose your business mentors wisely my friend…and let’s get down to making the massive moolah in our online business, ok.


Click here to see the video I made about this!


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