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It’s All In The Nuts

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I made sweet potato flatbread last night, and on a whim I added walnuts.  Mmmmm…I have never tasted something so delicious in my life!!!  And to think…it was all in adding the nuts.


My mentor Misha was telling us the other day that most six and seven figure earners online, fail nine times out of ten trying to implement something new in their online businesses. 


Misha also mentioned after this that it was the one time out of ten, in implementing new things in their online businesses, that these same six and seven figure earners hit paydirt, which shot their earnings into the stratosphere. 


I know…what does sweet potato flatbread and nuts have to do with the above….right?


To tell you the truth I have been making that type of flatbread for years…and not once have I ever put nuts in it.  Many years down the road I add this one ingredient on a whim, and come up with something so delicious that my mouths still waters just remembering what it tasted like.


Hence…it’s not about slaving away at your daily method of operation that makes you the serious bucks in your online business ventures.  THAT…my dear friend…lies in the small tweaks and changes that you make in your online business to make it better.


I can tell you that this works because with just one small change to one of my business funnels, I brought it up from producing at netting me around 50% opt-in rates…to never netting me less than 75% on my opt-in rates now.


I read a quote the other day that said, “history shows us that people who end up changing the world are always nuts, until they are right…then they are geniuses.”  


So you see, speaking of nuts…although I love nuts in my sweet potato flatbread, I am NOT nuts…I am really a genius in disguise…*wink..wink… Lol…  🙂


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