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You Scared The Pee Outta Me!

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Have you ever been so scared that you peed your pants?  Honestly, that last time that happened I was around 7 years old. 


My huge, hairy, naked Uncle had picked me up by one arm to give me the beating of a lifetime, because I walked into his bedroom without him opening the door for me.


Since then I have worked through terror…but have never been scared since then to that degree.


So what does fear have to do with having a successful online business…you ask?


It’s an effective marketing tool that online business owners use to push customers out of their fear of spending money, and into purchasing something that they truly desire and want.


It’s call using scarcity, to help a reluctant customer make a good buying decision.  


So why would we have to use this tool to nudge people into action? 


Because as a general population, fear has been used to control us since the time we have been born.  Fear of punishment, fear of not getting what we want, fear of abandonment, fear or rejection, fear of loss of freedom, fear of debt, fear of dying, fear of ….awe hell…I could go on forever on how the powers in play control us with fear…but I won’t.


We have been so conditioned to respond to fear that it is the only thing that will really jolt us into taking action. 


I mean, a good salesperson can lay out all the positive reasons for why their product or service would benefit their customer, or solve a serious problem for them, and the customer can even see how much of a benefit it would be, but unless there is an end time to getting the good deal on the product or service being offered…the customer will never feel a sense of urgency to buy.


However, having said this, it is important to always keep your words when it comes to using scarcity as a marketing tool.  If you say that the sale on the product or service is over in 48hrs. then it needs to really be over in 48hrs, without there being any fear on your part of not making a sale.


Also, it is really important to not go overboard on using scarcity as a marketing tool.  We are constantly being beat over the head, in our daily lives, with fear.  There is not reason to do the same to a potential customer.  


If you go overboard using scarcity, as a marketing tool, then you risk your customers having “buyers remorse” because you weren’t listening, and being sensitive to your customer…it was all about you making the sale…and that leads to higher refund requests.


So at the end of the day, sometimes a little fear is not always a bad thing when used in a right way.  I mean seriously, if we didn’t fear going to prison, can you imagine where the crime rate would be right now?


Using scarcity as a marketing tool in balance is also not a bad thing.  It’s what gets customers attention and shows you, the online business owner, how to spot the real buyers, from people that have way too much fear to make a good buying decision.


Click here to learn more about the scarcity as a marketing tool.


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