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What Do Big Boobs Have To Do With Having A Successful Online Business?

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I know…right now your rolling your eyes, and asking…wha…why?  I mean who really talks about stuff like this…right?


Hold on to your bra straps…or maybe it should be jock straps, I have a valid point I’m trying to make here.


It’s all about support.  I mean really, if you have big boobs and you don’t wear a bra…well after awhile things up top start to hurt.  Likewise, if you don’t wear a jockstrap, after awhile you gonna hurt.


Well…the same concept can be applied to having an online business.  If you don’t have enough support to help you through the tough times, after awhile it’s bound to get painful, and usually that’s when people give up and walk away.


It’s really important to have at least three support systems in place…BEFORE…starting an online business.


1).  Make sure you have a Mentor that you trust lined up for the type of business you want to have.


2).  Make sure you have a financial or business advisor on hand, so that you don’t fall into pits of debt that you can’t get out of.


3).  Make sure that you have a community of other online business owners that you can tap into for support.


You will find that if you have the right support in place…BEFORE…you invest in an online business opportunity, that your chances of making a ton of green stuff, instead of losing it, with increase exponentially!


Oh…and it won’t be painful to have an online business, when you are seeing your business expenses covered, and profits increase on a daily basis…just sayin this from experience.  🙂


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