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Making Money From Nothing

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Ahhh…the age old question that I am asked the most when I coach people…


Dawn, how do I make massive abundance when I have none to start with?


Well…first of all…are you really sure you have nothing?


Do you have a ton of stuff around your house, in your garage, or in storage that you are not using? 


Sell whatever you are not actively using to get the money for working capital to start your successful online business.


I know, the answer may be yes…but…those things have memories attached to them so I can’t sell them.  So here is just some logical yet loving reasoning to this.  The memories that you have are stored in your heart, mind, and soul essence…a place where they can  never be taken away.  Why not sell what you are not actively using to create your dream of a successful online business, so that you can make even more new amazing memories?


You life isn’t over, and how are you going to make new and amazing memories if you don’t generate the working capital that you need to start and run your dream of having a successful online business?


Ok…I get it…your not really emotionally ready to let go of those things yes.


Do you have a talent or skill that you can sell to generate that moolah that you  need to start and run a successful online business?  My 23 year old is a tech genius and he sells his skills to people that need their computers fixed.  Maybe your not tech savvy but you are artistic…what about making things and selling them on Etsy?  I know of a Facebook friend that does this and generates a good income for her online business.


Maybe you are a caring person that loves to serve people…you could be what people call now-a-days a part time people walker…yes…get paid to be a listening walking partner.  Being a part-time private, in-home caregiver for agencies like Visiting Angels is also something that you could do, or just babysit here and there for neighbors and relatives that go out for the night, or on vacation.


So I get it…you don’t really like “peopling” that much…what about pet sitting, or dog walking for extra income?  There is also such a thing as “house-sitting”.


You see…there are so many ways that you are abundant and can be abundant without even realizing it!


Just to be REAL with you here, I have babysat, cleaned offices, sold baked goods, and worked part-time as a caregiver for elderly people…just to make extra income.


Honestly though…if you want something enough…if you want your dreams more than anything in the world…NOTHING…yes…NOTHING will stop you from getting it.  It’s just a matter of changing the “I have have nothing” mindset…into “what do I have” mindset that really gets the ball rolling towards creating your dream of having a successful online business.


I know…I have walked a million miles in your shoes!

CLICK HERE FOR THE DREAM…it’s only $7 to get started!  🙂 

I mean really…you spend more than that on a cup of coffee a day.  


Your dream of having a successful business is only $1 away, and in the meantime…while you are learning to get profitable in the short and easy way that my organization offers…


…think about what you really do have to generate working capital for your new online business…and never look back.  This is how I learned to have a successful online business.




Until next time… 


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