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When Eating Chicken Can Get You Shot!

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Yes…sometimes eating chicken can motivate a person to shoot you…especially if you are a dog, and it’s your neighbors pet chickens.


So yes, my blogs have probably not been up to par lately, because I had to take my deceased Son’s dog to a no kill shelter. Unfortunately he kept finding ways to get off his zip-line.  Once off the zip-line he would head straight down the mountain to get himself a warm chicken meal from anyone of my four nearest neighbors.


Honestly, I cried for two days straight because Zues was the last thing that I had left of my Son’s to remind me of him.  At least now my Son’s dog won’t get shot over his love for fresh chicken meals, and he is with other dogs that he can socialize with.


Anywho…there was a lesson in all of this that related to having an online business.  The lesson is…just because you love something…doesn’t mean that it’s good for you.


Sometimes when we have and online business, we find a mentor that we really admire, and that mentor promises to help us make the big buck profits in our online business, so we wholeheartedly commit to following that mentor.  As time goes by, we still don’t see sales or leads coming in…but we really like our mentor…so we still follow them regardless.


I had a mentor like this a while back, only in my life, I have learned to ask questions when I feel like something is not quite right. 


So…that is what I did…I asked other people in the group that my mentor was leading if they had made any sales using his Facebook traffic strategy.  To my shock, not one person I had asked was making any sales, so I left the group, and respectfully declined to be mentored by that particular person any longer.


The weird thing about this was that when I left that mentors group, he messaged me and asked my why I had left.  When I was honest with him he told me that I could never come back to the group.  This told me that this particular mentor was not the right fit for me.


You see, if I would have had this particular person as a mentor earlier in my life, I would have stayed in his group, spent money to be there, spent even more money on the biz ops that he was selling, and I wouldn’t have made a penny of my expenditures back. 


Why you ask?  Because, this was a mentor that played on my fears of rejection, fears of being wrong, fears of not ever creating my dreams, just to keep mentoring me, and keep me in his group.


This is how we get stuck doing things over and over on our online businesses that don’t work, but we just feel that if we just keep doing them, at some point things will change.  So many people in that mentors group got stuck in that same thinking…”if I just stick around long enough, this mentor will show me how to make money in my online biz.”


Let me just give a word of wisdom here, if your not getting sales and leads within a fairly short time of going to a business mentor for help…your either not listening to them, or they aren’t the mentor you think they are, and it’s up to you to figure out which one it is.


I have one mentor, Anthony Morrison, that because I listen to him and act on what he says…I make sales and gain massive leads for my online business.  And it only took a week for me to start seeing those massive results.


Then there is the mentor that this email is about.  Four weeks into being mentored by him, with zero results, even after I was taking massive action, told me that I was probably being mentored by the wrong person.  


Fortunately my learning curve is extremely fast!


Unfortunately so many people get sucked into liking certain mentors, and they are afraid to stand up to someone who is an authority figure, and walk away, so they end up spending money, and wasting time they don’t have, while they watch their dream of having a successful online business go down the drain.


Having said this, everyone needs help when they first start and online business.  Make sure that when you reach out for that help, that you get the right person that will help you get results in your online business, ok.


Because seriously…you may end up really liking a mentor that not only doesn’t bring you the results you are wanting…but they are also draining your bank account.  That is when you know that you are loving something that is not good for you or your online business.


Until next time…


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